Scan-IT to Office

The Scan-IT to Office app offers an efficient way to acquire mobile data with no lengthy steps. It transmits captured information directly to a computer. The application scans and gathers barcodes, QR codes, NFC tags, geolocation, photos, text messages and sketches. Users can specify input fields and optimize a single-step barcode scan to save time with a user-designed form.

Scan-IT to Office Features

Cloud-based data collection - Mobile / mobile data collection for real time, which can be done at any time and at any office, location. Enhanced Security - All data is never collected. Data captured in the system will be encrypted. The Scan-IT-Office app can be downloaded in Google Play or in the App Store (Android 5 lollipop). The Scan-IT Office iOS app can be downloaded for iOS or iPad from the AppStore for free. Remotely capture data and forwarded remotely to target sites. When offline, the gathered information can also reside in a cache.

App subscriptions

A subscriber can buy it through this website. Prices shown are approximate from prices in Euros and Dollars. The exact fee varies depending on platform, country, currencies and taxes. For more info on each retailer, please visit the respective stores. There are different subscription types available, the subscriptions for apps are automatically renewable by default and the users have the option to cancel or pause them. For detailed information please refer to the FAQ page: Cancellations, Pauses or Changes to Subscribers in the.

Free Demo Version

Scan-IT to Office is available for free testing. Without subscription, the App uses captured data as demo text for the purposes of removal of the restriction. To avoid this, we request a monthly subscription. The complementary scanning tools for offices add-on is also free.

Scan-IT to Office is ready to use in just a few steps: Install the Scan-IT to Office app on your Android or iOS device and pair the app with this add-in by scanning a QR code.

Scan-IT to Office Mobile Data Collection & Remote Barcode/NFC Scanning

Scan-IT to Office transfers the incoming data collected by a computer to a targeted computer using Windows Mac OS or in a cloud. In seconds the captured information is transmitted to the document, database, documents etc. NOW: End-of-End Authentication of the collect data.

Connect with Arbitrary Targets

Scan-IT is available as an Office Tool and can be used for capturing data from Windows or MacOS applications via ODBC. Optimal Addins for MicrosoftTM Word, Excel, Google Sheets and Google Chrome assure seamless use with spreadsheets and documents and web applications.

Pay-as-you-go / Bulk licensing

The Scan-IT to Office app can be accessed by purchasing in the store or by download from a mobile app store. TEC-ITS provides a package ready for bulk licences to customers. The addition of a complementary tool or program is free.

Collect data anytime & anywhere

The Scan-IT to Office app captures bar codes and other NFC data and then transfers this data to a computer or a server. This works no matter what device is in operation, but also between offices, buildings or countries.

Application areas

Scan-IT in Office offers a comprehensive suite for mobile data collection and management of inventory in businesses of all sizes, checkouts and other activities.

Scan-IT to Office solution works with and without Internet connectivity : when offline, the mobile device caches captured data until Internet connectivity is available again.

How To Install Mobile Data Collection - Scan-IT to Office App on Windows PC & MacBook Pro?

Download Mobile Data collection scanner software for your computer with the most powerful Android emulator. It is also compatible for the use of mobile data collection and scanning in Office applications for Macintosh and Windows 10.

Scan-IT to Office TEC-IT In-app purchases 4.5 star 2.6K reviews 100K+ Downloads Everyone info Install Add to Wishlist play_arrow Trailer chevron_right About this app arrow_forward Scan-IT to Office is a sophisticated app for mobile data acquisition without any time-consuming intermediate steps. It transfers captured data immediately to your computer or cloud applications. The app scans or collects barcodes, QR codes, NFC tags, geolocations, photos, texts, user inputs, sketches etc.

How do I scan from Office app?

Install the software Scan-IT to Office for your laptop/tablet/tablet. Add-ons can be downloaded from Microsoft Excel, Google documents, Google Chrome. Available tools: Smart keys wedge, intelligent databases connections. Scan the QR Codes in the Scan-IT office Add-In or tools using the SCAN-IT Office application.

Is Scan-IT to Office free?

Free trial for Scan-IT Office apps are available. The free edition delivers demo data for unlimited usage without any need for subscription. Download scan to office app using these urls.

Is Scan-IT to Office safe?

DATA STORAGE IN THE BUSINESS: DATA SECRETITY / DATA SECURITY. The collected data is transmitted through a secure system that enables complete privacy protection and data protection and is only stored in our devices.

Desktop computer

Cloud services forward the captured data (barcodes, NFC tags, camera images, manual inputs, time-stamps, GPS locations etc.) immediately into documents and target applications on your desktop computer. This works wireless, regardless of your location, even across different offices, facilities or countries.


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