How to Convert PowerPoint to Word

How to convert PowerPoint to Word

You will learn the best way to convert PowerPoint into Microsoft Word to edit a handout in Word or using PowerPoint in Word. The only problem is the information on the slide. Converting PPT files into Word does not convert your slides into Word documents. Instead of exporting your slides in a graphical format, you can use the following hand-out format: The Five Options in the Conversion of PowerPoint in Word. There's no way in which a single slide's content can be changed - text, shapes, text, etc. It is then converted to native Word files.

How to convert PowerPoint to Word on Mac or Windows Devices

You have developed a great PowerPoint presentation that you want people to share. How does Microsoft 365 PowerPoint presentations get into Word files? Click here to download the file here. In this article you learn how to convert PowerPoint to Microsoft word document using any software you already have. Although there are online services to help achieve these conversions we don't discuss them here. Instead, I'll explain the best methods for getting this done without too much frustration!

How to convert PowerPoint to Word and make it editable?

Microsoft PowerPoint is incredibly helpful in presenting presentations, but often it can help to convert a PowerPoint presentation to a different format. It gives the user a powerful editing tool which allows you to turn any PowerPoint presentations into other useful products or services. It is a free brochure. This makes the files more editable for someone who does not understand PowerPoint or cannot use the software on their own.

How to convert PowerPoint to Word

In order to offer engaging lectures to students, the need for onscreen and print-out resources are essential. You can export all the presentations in Word and make adjustments if needed. It will help you add more information to the presentations formatting and convert them to notes for any Macbook or Windows device.

To conduct engaging seminars and training sessions, it's important to provide both on-screen and handout materials to the trainees. Rather than printing out each slide of a PowerPoint presentation, you can simply export the entire presentation into Microsoft Office Word and edit it to your liking.

You can also add more information, clean up the formatting, and convert the presentation into a note-taking guide, no matter whether you're on a Mac or Windows computer.

How to convert PowerPoint to Word on Windows?

powerpoint presentation file

Use this quick step-by-step guide to creating an editable Word document for Windows-based presentations. Open a Microsoft PowerPoint file on your computer or laptop.

  1. Select "files" in the bottom left of the menu-bar in PowerPoint.
  2. From the next window, select "Export" to get the export button.
  3. Choose the option Export. Click "Create Handouts" on top right.
  4. An "email to Microsoft Word" popup window appears in your browser.
  5. Click the desired layout from the options menu. Select "Add slides to Word documents" from the list of available slides.
  6. Select "Add slides to Word documents" from the list of available slides.

How to convert PowerPoint to Word on Mac?

rtf file

Follow these steps for the conversion of PowerPoint documents to editable text files on MacBook Pro:

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentations from your Macintosh.
  2. Click on the folder option above the menu.
  3. Click on "Export".
  4. Select a folder in the text box and choose a location on the hard-drive.
  5. From the file menu, click on the option "Rich text format" (.rtf). Click Export to export the PowerPoint file.
  6. Alternatively, click on the "Open tab" in the menu on the left.
  7. Find the rtf documents on the local hard drive and select them.

Out of memory issues

You might have trouble converting PowerPoint files in Word due to unused memory. If it's a serious problem then the problem is a problem with Microsoft Word which says PowerPoint couldn't be written. Start saving and stopping all our programs and restarting the machine. Open PowerPoint without any other application to save memory and try it again. If your problem persists, you could save it by deleting a document from your browser and deleting it from your computer file. Next, remove all the slides in batches, save the remaining in a sequential Word document.

How can I view linked PowerPoint slides in Microsoft Word?

Then open your link window in Microsoft Word and click on the links. Here are the links you can use to update your Word documents. This will automatically update Word based upon any changes to a PowerPoint document. This usually occurs automatically every time you save your presentation in PowerPoint, but you can choose whether this takes place. Open source. Open a PowerPoint presentation with links to the slides. It's much more efficient to find the original presentation you used in creating these documents.

Convert PowerPoint to Word files

The software allows the conversion of PowerPoint documents into Word or Docx files. You can use a Power Point exporter to export PowerPoint into Microsoft Word. It allows users create and edit printed handouts that can be shared in a presentation, and it can also be useful if you need help editing PowerPoint files for Word. Start by opening the PowerPoint project. Click File format in ribbon menu. Click Export. Make a handout. A message is shown under the heading: Send it to Word.

Paste vs. Paste Link Options

On the next screen you can enter a URL to the send button and click paste. Cute: Using this method, export the slides for Microsoft Word for free. Any changes made to PowerPoint Slides cannot be displayed in Word. If the changes are in Word you must import the slides again. Insert: Exports your slides in Word as thumbnails. If a slide editor has edited it automatically it updates the thumbnail image. It's amazing! This option also contains two limitations you need to know.

The Word thumbnails only live in Word

The updates and modifications of your PowerPoint slides are automatically saved as Microsoft Windows documents. If you remove thumbnail images from Word or move something around it doesn't change any of the slides in PowerPoint. All such changes will become overwritten if PowerPoint releases its latest update to Word.

Only the PowerPoint thumbnails are linked to Word

It updates your thumbnail images for Word. So if you import the slides to Word and then edit your speakers notes under the slides, your changes won't appear in the Word file. If you haven't done this before you're ready you will have an error message indicating the correct format.

Convert PowerPoint to Word

Export of slides in Microsoft Word dialog box: This way inserts a thumbnail in a table. Although you can't modify a single PowerPoint slide, you can manipulate it and format it as you please. If you are interested in seeing the examples for converting PowerPoint speaker notes to Word without a thumbnail, see the video below. For tips on printing PowerPoint notes, see this guide.

Other export formats

You can also convert PowerPoint file to any other format like HTML for web sites or PDF file to facilitate the distribution. Web page layout allow viewing presentation files in most web browsers. PDFs can be useful as they can be read and printed and look the same on computers and phones regardless of the lack of any software.

How to convert PowerPoint to Word?

In this way PowerPoint slides are re-generated and Microsoft Word documents are adapted according to the selection of PowerPoint slides. Here's a simple solution to find a line in between slides.

How to update a linked PowerPoint Slide?

You can easily link slides in PowerPoint and Word using two ways. This method achieves the same objective, so select the one you like to remember.

Right-click the slides in Word

Note: This only updated the converted PowerPoint slide. You will have to right-click on each individual slide to update it, and then you can use a different technique.

Use the Edit Links to Files command

How does Microsoft Word update links? You can simply shut down and open Word for the update.