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Create a diagram in Excel using Visio Data Visualizer add-on

Create incredibly good graphs with the Visio Data Visualizer add-in in Excel with the account. It is possible to develop basic flow charts, inter-functional flows or organization charts.

The diagram is generated by an Excel document. Once you edit a visual diagram you will have your changes copied back into Excel. It means that you do not have to subscribe to Visio to produce dazzling diagrams for Excel. View or print a diagram for free using Visio Web. You can edit the text using the same editor as before.

Using Visio Data Visualizer in Excel

Microsoft has released a beta version in Excel for Visio. This software is certainly more effective than most people think because there is a Visio license. Yes. It's necessary for Visio license to edit the diagram but, when you keep updating sources table, the diagram automatically changes itself. Creating, updating and publishing process flow charts in Excel is now easier.

Process step ID A number or name that identifies each shape in the diagram. This column is required, and each value in the Excel table must be unique and not be blank. This value does not appear on the flowchart.

Process step description This is the shape text that is visible in the diagram. Describe what occurs in this step of the process. Consider also adding a similar or more descriptive text to the Alt text column. Next step ID The Process Step ID of the next shape in the sequence.

Visio Diagram from Excel Data

Here's the third post in the Add-ins series where we explore different Add-Ins to enhance Excel's capabilities. This article will look at the Microsoft Visualizer

For Office 360 users, Visio is now a free tool to generate Excel chart flow linked with a cell.

Start with Visio Data Visualizer add-on

Data visualization tool for Excel can be downloaded for Windows, Mac or a web browser with Microsoft Office 365 accounts for school use. You can still use the Data Visualizer add-in without registration unless you use a private email account on Live,, or This means that you don't have a Microsoft account. Opening the Excel program create blank workbooks. Save this workbook to a OneDrive or SharePoint server in an easy to use manner. You can save a document in an external location on your computer.

Using Visio Data Visualizer

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For the first flow chart you should fill in a blank space. Here some samples have been deposited. The sample data shows how the data are grouped together with linked data. If you are a new user you can login to your Microsoft Office365 account if that's not possible.

Creating a user account allows Visio to print and share documents across the Internet. You don't have to have Visio subscriptions to use it - if you own one, you can even modify an existing diagram. This dialog opens, and you choose whichever type of graph you wish.

Modify the data-linked table to customize your diagram

Select a diagram format and select a template to use. This will include an example diagram and an informational table. It probably takes some seconds. These templates are available in different layout and themes allowing customizations to Visio.

Once you are authorized, the diagrams will be uploaded to OneDrive and SharePoint. The diagram can be found in an Excel worksheet if no one logs in. You can easily create the Visio File with a login. For a more detailed view, you can modify values in a table.

Sharing the Visio Diagram with others

Show more is based on a browser opening the Visio Document's read view. All the details of shapes are accessible by clicking on a shape info window. It offers many option options with a Show more command button.

One of these options is viewing and editing Comments. Note the many additional options available, based upon permission such searches, printing, downloading as PDF or embedding. The Visio document receives the default name Drax which is created within the same folder as Excel Workbook.

If you are not familiar with Visio, it's used for creating diagrams such as flow charts and network diagrams. What I didn't realize is that you can actually create Visio diagrams from within Excel.

In fact, Microsoft recently made some significant enhancements to its Visio add-in for Excel. In this column, I will show you how it works. Creating a Visio chart in Excel is not quite as simple as choosing a Visio option from the Insert menu.

How do I create an organizational chart?

excel file, cross functional flowchart

Visio has been using organizational charts for over 20 years and is used by many firms. It also has some limitations. In the Excel add-in Visio Data Visualizer the diagram is automatically changed according to the data. It is applied to all diagrams and not only Org charts. During selection of diagram types the Visio controls are added to an Excel document with samples of source tables used for generating the diagram. The organizational chart requires five columns.

Replace the sample data with your own data

Optionally select the Source Table the actual data source and manipulate it if desired. This chart is derived from tables 1 and 2. It could be modified in addition by adding more columns or rows. It can be replaced with a Power Query derived from a different source, the name "Table2" is used again after the Refresh command. You can edit Visio documents from Visio Desktop to create more master shapes, add text and hyperlinks for example.

View, print or share your Visio diagram

You can open a visualization flow chart in Visio for viewing, printing or sharing a diagram with others online. Find out how: Then click on ellipses.. and click 'Open' on the web. Please log into your Microsoft 365 account if no login has been completed. Please sign up for a login to your account then give permission. Once a file is generated, choose "Open". Choose the Ellipse option in Visio. To share an image, click on Share button.

Reviewing the original Data Visualizer functionality

data table, organization chart

The integration between Visio and Excel has only been limited since today; the use of Excel in the two Process Map Templates in Excel or Excel 3 in Visio has been limited to basic and cross functional diagrams of flows. Both Excel and Visio require licenses to design and maintain diagrams. This feature includes two ways to update the source data from Excel into Visio. It also allows you to update the source data Tables.

The new Visio Data Visualizer add-on

Microsoft always had the aim of improving diagram types beyond the flow chart, which made organization charts an important addition to the new Excel add-on. The Visio Data Visibility tool includes Basic and Cross-Functional Flowcharts. Visit any Microsoft store and enter Visualization as your search string. Add Microsoft Visio data visualizing software in Excel and trust this application when asked to do so.

Visio flowchart linked table

The format used in Visio's tables is preserved. The flowchart consists of the following fields: Note that the flow diagram title is currently not editable in Excel. Let us hope the problem is corrected soon.

Each column of tables identifies a specific element in the flow diagram you see. Please read references for details about each column of an example diagram or flow chart.

Subscribers can use this diagram for further research and design work. You might add text or pictures, create a theme, and add other customization to the layout.