Privacy Notice

At FormToExcel, we respect your privacy rights when you interact with our services, explore our website, download our mobile apps, or engage with us. We are committed to safeguarding your personal data in accordance with data protection laws and this Privacy Notice.

AI Asset is our company, based in the USA, with its headquarters at San Jose, CA, USA. You can reach us at When we refer to "personal data," we mean any information that identifies or can identify a natural person, such as your name or email address.

When you use our services, visit our website, or communicate with us, we may collect and process personal data related to you, referred to as "Your Personal Data." In these instances, AI Asset acts as the controller of Your Personal Data.

When you upload or provide files and information that may contain personal data, whether yours or others', and use our services to process them (referred to as "User Files"), you are responsible for the personal data contained in those User Files.

In the following sections, we aim to provide you with insights into how we process Your Personal Data, your rights concerning it, and the measures we take to uphold the privacy and security of Your Personal Data.

If you provide us with personal data of other individuals, like family members or colleagues, or share User Files containing their personal data, please ensure that they are aware of this Privacy Notice and only provide their data if you have the necessary permissions and the information is accurate.

Our website, mobile apps, and communications may contain links to other websites. Keep in mind that personal information you submit to these websites will be handled according to their own privacy policies, and FormToExcel or AI Asset is not responsible for them. Be sure to review their privacy notices before sharing any personal information.

This Privacy Notice is designed to comply with applicable privacy laws, which may vary depending on your location, such as the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act, the California Consumer Privacy Act, or the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Key Questions and Answers

1. What personal data does FormToExcel collect through its website and for what purposes?

In summary, when you use our services, whether as a free or paying user, we collect Your Personal Data as required to provide and enhance our services.

1.1 Use of our website

If you visit without registering or logging into an account, we collect and process Your Personal Data necessary to enable your access to our domains and subdomains. We also employ functional cookies and technologies (see Section 8) to ensure the proper functioning, stability, and security of our website. This involves processing your IP address, usage metrics, and access date and time. We process Your Personal Data to provide our website to you and to maintain its stability and security.

1.2 Use of our mobile apps

When you download our mobile apps and do not log in, we process Your Personal Data to facilitate your use of the respective app and ensure its stability and security. For mobile apps, this includes processing device ID, device information, app details (version and language), data transfer details, and timestamps.

1.3 Use of our services via third-party services

You may access our services and upload User Files through third-party services like Dropbox and Google Drive without creating a User Account with us or sharing login credentials. We process this information to facilitate your use of our services.

1.4 User Account

If you create a FormToExcel account, we process your email address and password for registration. You can also create an account using your Google, Apple, or Facebook accounts, and we may request and use some of Your Personal Data from these third-party platforms. For security, we may also process login time, browser, IP address, and password reset time. We process Your Personal Data to set up your user account and ensure its security.

1.5 FormToExcel subscription

When you purchase a FormToExcel subscription, you may provide additional personal data as part of your profile. This data varies based on your account type, subscription plan, and payment method. It may include your name, address, subscription details, payment information, VAT or tax number, user settings, company details, and role. We may process Your Personal Data to suggest the right subscription and complete your purchase.

a) Payment

We use payment data and subscription information for regular FormToExcel subscription payments. This involves third-party payment processors such as Stripe, Google Play and Apple App Store. If you use a credit card for payment, your full credit card number is sent directly to the payment provider and never reaches our server.

1.6 Email communication, including customer support, newsletters, and other marketing emails

When you contact us via email, including for customer support, we collect your email address and, if provided, your name, contact details, and email content to respond to your inquiry. We may send you newsletters or marketing emails, generally with your consent, or inform you about similar products or services if you are an existing customer. You can opt out of such emails by clicking the unsubscribe link.

1.7 Service improvement and error detection

a) Website and mobile apps

For our website and mobile apps, we may process information related to system language, device, service usage, and page visits for error detection and service improvement. We aggregate this data to protect user privacy. This information helps us enhance our services based on user preferences and device compatibility.

1.8 Surveys & user feedback

We occasionally conduct voluntary surveys to collect user feedback through various channels. Some surveys may involve processing Your Personal Data, including your name, email, and IP address, along with your feedback. Others may collect aggregated information. We process this information for survey purposes and to gather user feedback. In some cases, we may also seek your consent.

1.9 Our services

a) FormToExcel

If you use our FormToExcel services and upload User Files, we process the User Files and metadata to provide you with our FormToExcel services.

2. How does FormToExcel protect Your Personal Data?

Safeguarding Your Personal Data is our top priority. We employ appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect it. Only authorized FormToExcel and third-party personnel with access to Your Personal Data are required to follow our Privacy Notice and sign non-disclosure agreements. We also have contracts in place with third-party companies that access Your Personal Data. Our IT environment is secure, and we use TLS encryption for all communication and file transfers. Passwords are stored in encrypted (hashed) form, not in plain text.

3. How does FormToExcel use Your Personal Data?

We use Your Personal Data for the purposes outlined above. In specific cases, we may process Your Personal Data for additional purposes:

  • If we partially or fully sell or acquire a company, we process Your Personal Data as part of our legitimate interest in business development.
  • To comply with legal obligations, including government or public authority investigations and proceedings.
  • To protect our rights, safety, and the rights and safety of our customers and third parties, based on our legitimate interests or those of other affected individuals.

Your privacy is our priority, and we do not use Your Personal Data for unlawful purposes.

4. Who Receives Your Personal Data from FormToExcel and Why?

In essence, we share some of Your Personal Data with third parties to provide you with our services. We do not sell Your Personal Data or hand it over to spammers.

FormToExcel may disclose Your Personal Data to the following categories of recipients when necessary:

External Service Providers: These include hosting providers, software and software as a service providers, app development providers, email services, email verification and analytics providers, error logging and service development providers, customer support providers, survey and user feedback providers, payment providers, billing service providers, and marketing providers. We use these external providers to ensure that we can offer our services professionally, user-friendly, and with a high level of quality.

Sale or Acquisition of the Company: If we partially or fully sell or acquire a company, we may transfer data to potential contractual partners to further the development of our business.

Law Enforcement and Legal Obligations: We may disclose Your Personal Data to law enforcement agencies, public authorities, and courts to comply with legal obligations or participate in investigations and proceedings conducted by governments or public authorities.

Legal Requirements and Protection: In certain situations, we may disclose Your Personal Data to other companies, individuals, or government agencies as required by law or based on legitimate interests to protect our rights, safety, and those of our customers and third parties.

Some of these providers may process Your Personal Data outside the EU/EEA. For more information on protective measures used to secure data transfers to countries outside the EU/EEA, please refer to Section 7 below.

Additionally, here are some specific third-party providers we may share Your Personal Data with, along with the circumstances:

4.1 Essential Providers
4.1.1 Stripe: We share your personal data with Stripe for:
  • Processing credit card payments under our contract and our legitimate interest to offer extended payment options and outsource payments.
  • Processing direct debit payments, enabling you to make payments under our contract and offering extended payment options.
  • Providing you with invoices and route payments to payment service providers. This enables us to outsource payments and billing processes.
4.1.2 Google Play: We share your personal data with Google Play for:
  • Processing credit card payments under our contract and our legitimate interest to offer extended payment options and outsource payments.
  • Processing direct debit payments, enabling you to make payments under our contract and offering extended payment options.
  • Providing you with invoices and route payments to payment service providers. This enables us to outsource payments and billing processes.
4.1.3 Apple App Store: We share your personal data with Apple App Store for:
  • Processing credit card payments under our contract and our legitimate interest to offer extended payment options and outsource payments.
  • Processing direct debit payments, enabling you to make payments under our contract and offering extended payment options.
  • Providing you with invoices and route payments to payment service providers. This enables us to outsource payments and billing processes.
4.1.4 Amazon Cognito: We use Amazon Cognito to manage user sign up and sign in.

4.1.5 Amazon Textract: We use Amazon Textract to extract data from your forms.

4.2 Personalization and Advertising-Related Providers

In this section, we'll delve into the providers and mechanisms we employ for personalization and advertising-related purposes on our website

4.2.1 Google Ads

a) Conversion Tracking: We utilize Google Ads Conversion Tracking to assess the success of our advertisements displayed through the Google marketing network, known as Google Ads. This helps us gauge the effectiveness of our ads and enhances our marketing campaigns. To make this possible, Google sets a conversion tracking cookie on your computer. You can either consent to or withdraw your consent for this data processing through our cookie banner.

b) Google Ads Remarketing: Our website also employs Google Ads Remarketing to present tailored ads based on your interests from Google Ads on other websites within the Google marketing network. Google assesses your interaction with our site, such as your interests, to display relevant ads even after you've left our site. Similar to Conversion Tracking, Google uses cookies for this purpose, and you can manage your consent through our cookie banner.

c) General Information on Google Ads: Google operates as a data controller for Google Ads and may process your personal data for various purposes. We don't have control over the extent or content of data collected by Google. For details about Google's data processing, please refer to their privacy policy. Note that Google may process personal data outside the EU/EEA.

5. Your Data Protection Rights

We are finalizing this text.

6. Storage of Your Personal Data

We are finalizing this text.

7. Data Transfers Outside the EU/EEA

To summarize, we may transfer your Personal Data outside Switzerland but ensure its protection, even beyond its location. Your Personal Data may be transferred to recipients in other countries, including those outside the EU/EEA. If a recipient country lacks adequate data protection measures, we rely on appropriate safeguards such as binding corporate rules, standard contractual clauses, or exceptions under Art. 49 GDPR. Contact us for information on the specific safeguards for your data transfers.

8. Cookies - How and Why We Use Them

We use cookies for functional purposes without consent, and for analytical or advertising-related purposes with your consent. Cookies are small data pieces stored on your device's hard drive, allowing us to identify your device or browser. We use:

  • Cookies for Functional Purposes: These are necessary for our website's operation, like payments or keeping you logged in.
  • Cookies for Analytical Purposes: These help us understand your website usage and improve it. Some may be placed by third-party providers.
  • Cookies for Personalization and Advertising: We use these to tailor your experience and ads based on your consent. Some may track your activities on other websites.

9. Handling of Data of Minors

We do not knowingly collect or retain data from minors under the age of sixteen unless authorized by their school. Schools are responsible for data processing in such cases. If you find that a minor has used our website, please notify us for data removal.

10. Changes to this Privacy Notice

In brief, we may update this Privacy Notice, so please stay informed. FormToExcel may occasionally revise and correct this Privacy Notice, so remember to check it regularly for any updates and their potential impact on you.

11. Contact Us

If you have questions or requests concerning your Personal Data, please reach out to us via email at