Improving The Online User Verification Process

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Nowadays, with modern technologies, such as the Internet, it has become much easier to exchange important documents and make claims and applications online. The old days when we were forced to wait in line for several hours to submit the form are gone. Since a great number of documents can be submitted to the appropriate authority remotely, identity verification has become an important matter. Banks, insurance companies, and government institutions  need to make sure that they are processing an application coming from a real person, who has proper authorization.

In this article, I am going to give you several tips on how to improve the Webauthn User Verification process, which is mandatory for signing documents with an electronic signature.

Mobbeel is an Internet identity verification professional. Our mobile biometric system is now being pioneered globally and has been actively developing to meet demand. Clients are the heart of our business, so each day we strive for a high quality service, offering a unique identity solution that can be trusted by anyone. We've taken an intensive effort to understand the market to be the best consultant to give you a full insight on what trends in online verification should be learned by 2022.

Benefits of using automated verification service for customer verification

A customer verification procedure has been required in order to ensure financial sector safety. Through the verification of a client's personal details businesses can prevent a large amount of financial crimes. The company also has the ability to streamline its identity checking processes and make their customers' identity checks more accurate. Manual procedures are necessary for the Internet to be stopped – they will not provide the best protection for the information they collect. ID verification will be double verified, however 2nd layers provide access to an interface to an API such as ONFIDO.

How it works OTP Verification: User enters their phone number or email. App generates an authentication token. App sends the token via selected channel to the user. User enters the correct token.

Pick the right verification methods for your goals

New customers come from various places, this is the first step to see which country the customers come from. We provide you immediate access to Invest GLASS hosted on a computer or mobile device. In addition, you should ensure your customers get a good training program.

What are user and identity verification?

Identity verification is a process used by individuals, businesses, and governments to ensure that users or customers provide information that is associated with the identity of a real person.

Customer Identity Verification refers to the process that organizations use to validate an individual’s information and identity. Institutions that do this successfully have an easier time determining if their clients are the people they claim to be, preventing identity fraud and other related schemes.

How To Sign a Document Electronically

are a legal way to digitally secure approvals on a document, contract or set of documents. Electronic signatures can replace your handwritten signature to speed up virtually any paper-driven, manual signature processes.

How to verify your users?

First, in many cases in order to be able to sign documents electronically and submit applications online, users will need to verify their identity. They may go to your counter to get their identity verified in-person. They should be asked to bring an original copy of their currently-valid government identification to the face-to-face registration. In some cases, this may also be performed by a registered notary.

As an alternative, you can also use a remote identity verification service, which will require your user's ID as well as some identity-proofing software downloaded on their mobile device. It uses NFC to process their IDs.

GetID is the perfect solution to these problems, as it offers clients a simple, secure, safe, and quick identity verification process that's easy to use, and which only requires users to submit their data once during the entire process. Furthermore, GetID also takes care of KYC/AML procedures, offering users the ability to track all of the checks carried out by third party providers in one place the Admin Panel.

If you're looking for ways to improve your customer verification process, identity verification software could be a smart addition to your business. Using such software can help you reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft, ensure compliance with KYC regulations and other requirements, and verify the identities of customers in real-time. While choosing your identity verification software, focus on addressing your business needs.

Explain the benefits of verification

As a client-centric business manager, you need to explain the benefits of the identification process to your customers. Make the online User verification process transparent. Make sure your clients understand why you are processing their data. The more you know about your customers, the more effectively you can weed out potentially fraudulent behavior through patterns of inconsistent information. Moreover, you need to verify your customers' identities and keep improving that process if you want to keep your business safe from hackers and thieves.

Online document verification: It involves verifying the authenticity of identity documents, including a passport, driving license, or identity card issued by the government. One-time password: It is an automatically generated numeric or alphanumeric series of characters that verifies users for a single login session or transaction.

Automate identity verification routine

Reduce manual document processing and start using automation. In case you require your customers to verify their identity at your office, your staff needs to scan and input details from their driver's licenses or passports into your database. Such a process may take a lot of time. Whereas, automating such a specific process as form fills could considerably increase sales and customer satisfaction rate.

For instance, you can import a driver's license into an Excel spreadsheet in minutes with no software installation and a long-lasting onboarding process. Use to extract important information from photos of IDs and input it into Excel automatically. The entire process looks extremely easy and could be performed by any staff. It requires nothing but a browser and has no device or operating system restrictions. Your user data is 100% safe since it is removed upon the completion of the information extraction process.

The manual authentication of that information can often take too much time to complete. Additionally, remember that human error is a part of all manual processes.  And when people are asked to do monotonous tasks like ID checking , mistakes become more common. This recipe for disaster is the main reason that more automated solutions are suggested.

You can import passports to Excel the same way.

Want to know the best thing? Automatic data importing can reduce the number of mistakes made when inputting information manually. So, can make the verification process seamless for customers, and free of errors for your team.

Use the time wisely

A user verification process may take a long time. So, do not keep your clients waiting. Use the time they give you to hit your business goals. Feel free to educate your customers about your service and products with a short presentation. You can also interview your customer to gather important insights. Advertising and sharing your latest deals and links to your YouTube channel are also great ideas.

What's the bottom line?

There are multiple ways both online and brick-and-mortar businesses can improve the user verification process by making it less stressful for customers and easygoing for service staff.

Staff verification on remote working

From home working has been a common practice among workers around the globe. During a meeting people are aware of one another and share information about their business with them. It's also completely different in remote work where you know nobody. Companies are more susceptible to cyber attacks which is leading businesses to adopt personnel identification verification technologies. Organizations can now integrate onboarding and biometric verification solutions into ERP systems that will allow for easier recruitment and re-employment of new personnel.

The importance of identity verification

Some of the main reasons verification processes are frustrating are they are usually manually completed. This explains why one must examine every document submitted by customers to compare them to records. It is also expensive as it requires more people for management of the process. Investglass offers flexible customer onboarding services across industries. When we lack a product we use third-party APIs for the following companies and Often we ask all the questions at the start of onboarding. We're not sure this should happen!

This may include scanning identity documents, setting up a facial recognition system or inputting memorable information. This process is often lengthy and repetitive. For example, if a user wants to open multiple online bank accounts at different banks, they need to repeat the digital identity verification process multiple times.

Until these agencies take steps to eliminate their use of knowledge-based verification, however, the public that they serve may remain at increased risk of identity fraud. We made 6 recommendations , including that the National Institute of Standards and Technology provide guidance on implementing these alternative methods.

How does online identity verification work?

money laundering, complete verification

The steps of online verification are generally direct and nonintrusive than their traditional counterparts and are not compromising privacy. Although steps are added or eliminated depending on customer experience and company requirements, most important steps for online identity verification are document matching and Face Match authentication, as well as Government identity verification databases, which are also available as online identity check services. It is one method that allows digital verification of identity.

Knowledge-based authentication: It is used to verify a person's identity by requiring an answer to security questions. The question should be simple for the user to answer but difficult for others to guess. Age verification: It helps online businesses verify a customer's age before allowing them to purchase a product online.

Improve customer experience

Source According to a table titled "Client experience is the most attractive business opportunity in the coming years." Today consumers need customer-focused services in every industry, and a good customer experience can help to reduce any barriers that consumers can experience while simplifying the process. Often used to describe a good ID verification process as a frictionless process which doesn't ask for too much information but instead seeks out information from another person.

High-assurance verification in risky new markets

Use the best security checks like document OCR checks or biometric verification for scanned documents. In addition, the user must take photos of his ID or face. It has a little more friction for a digital start-up but gives you the added confidence of identifying the individual. ONFIDO does not support cryptocurrencies, so we can use other suppliers for that.


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